Dynamo Kiev vs Lazio Betting Tips 15.03.2018


Dynamo Kiev vs Lazio Today’s Soccer Prediction

Dynamo Kiev received a good result (2-2) from Rome last week. A result that opens up for a very exciting match on Thursday.
Dynamo Kiev brought a better result than expected from Rome, which obviously opens up for a peel on Thursday. However, a solid effort is required for 90 minutes from their side, as well as the fact that Lazio is not up to level. Inzaghi still has the better team here.
Lazio apparently had risen bigger than all opponents in the group game, after only four years had secured the advancement. In the 32nd finale, Steaua Bucharest stood for the resistance, a double meeting that eventually resulted in the overall result; 5-1.

Soccer Prediction of the Day Dynamo Kiev vs Lazio

In the league game, it has gone the heavier for Lazio, at least during the last period. They have only managed to win two of their last seven league matches, which of course has been a major failure. Worth highlighting, however, is the fact that you played against a formidable Milan, Naples and Juventus. Other puckers are what are going on on Thursday, and the gaming companies have made the assessment that Dynamo Kiev and Lazio have the same opportunity to move on from this double meeting.
Dynamo Kiev’s trip to the group game has been similar to Lazio’s gain, when the Ukrainian club also secured the four-speed advancement. However, it is worth pointing out that their group consisted of very weak opponents, in Partizan Belgrade, Young Boys and Skenderbeu.
We are very convinced that Simone Inzaghi highlights any successes in the Europa League high. Therefore, we expect Lazio to stand up with the strongest possible river this Thursday. They are only a meeting from the quarterfinal round, and the board most likely believes Lazio is one of eight teams that will be there in April.
Then it only tells us whether Lazio comes up to level or not. Can they add the latest results from the league game behind them and complete 90 good minutes on Thursday? We think so. A crucial meeting is a bit of a final and despite Dynamo Kiev’s home team advantage, we believe Lazio is growing in the task – and in turn, Dynamo defeats Kiev.
There is still a great opportunity for Dynamo Kiev to focus too much on the defensive. You are still going through a 0-0 result. Such a match plan, we think, can penalize them, and give Lazio space to push, yes, it may go away. We have witnessed this in series A on several occasions. Lazio is after all the team that made the most goals in Serie A – more than both Juventus and Naples.

Prediction Today: Create to advance

Odds: 2.00

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