Paraná vs Vitoria Free Betting Tips 04/11


Paraná vs Vitoria Betting Tips


Sinking in the 20th – last – standings of the 2016 qualifying table with 17 points (three wins, eight draws and 20 losses), there is no longer any doubt about the fall from Paraná to the Second Division. The only question is as to when the relegation will take place.
The mathematics may indicate at the end of day 32 that there will be no further possibility of reaction to the Paraná. Still remaining seven games to perform, the tricolor still has chances to reach 38 points. In this way, at least in theory, it could still surpass America-MG, sixteenth place and first outside the region of the sticking, which has 34 points.
However, this possibility is, in practice, unreal for a club that in 31 rounds managed to score only 13 goals. It is the worst attack of the tournament. The defense was not even close enough to compensate for this fragility. It was leaked in 50 opportunities. It is the third least efficient Series A with falling bias. In the last six games, 17 goals were conceded.
To try to delay the inevitable, coach Dado Cavalcanti will be able to count on four returns for Sunday’s match. After fulfilling suspension, the striker Raphael German returns to be able to act. The other three options for escalation come from the medical department. They received the green light to act the defenders Charles and René Santos and the striker Felipe Augusto.


The defensive numbers of Vitoria can be worse than those of Paraná. The Bahian club has already seen their network swing 52 times in Brasileirão. However, in the other quests it performs better than the rival. Enough to still be able to keep the hopes of avoiding the fall for Series B.
With 33 points (nine wins, six draws and 16 losses), he is in ninth place. The situation, of course, is uncomfortable but reversible. Recent results, however, do not give the Lion fans any great hope. In the last seven matches, the team has left the field defeated by five.
For the final stretch of the tournament, coach Paulo César Carpegiani can count on the return of striker Luan. The athlete was away since July due to muscle damage. However, he usually participated in training throughout the week and should be related to face Paraná. Most likely it will appear on the reservation bank.

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Held for the first time in the 1993 edition of Brasileirão, the duel had 14 occurrences in the tournament with six successes of Vitória, five of Paraná and three equalities. In the first round of the 2018 season, the Bahians won 1-0.Paraná has reached a point where relegation no longer affects players. The fall is already certain. So all the pressure of Sunday’s game is on the backs of the Vitória athletes, who know that even the draw will be considered a bad result. The recent games have shown that they do not have the technical conditions to face this type of situation and, in this way, the scenario opens space for risk a little bigger having the prognosis in the victory of the club of Paraná as an option to seek greater profit.

Bet Tips: Vitoria wins

Odds: 1.90



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