New York RB vs Atlanta United Free Betting Tips 30/11

 New York RB vs Atlanta United Betting Tips

This is match 2, and Atlanta won relatively easily and without the big sword team’s first match 3-0 at home. Man dominated big across the track and the lightning fast individualists from Atlanta United, quoted by Almiron, made short process in both possesion g conversion games as they have done to most in regular season.The New York Red Bulls are made to great favorites, and I think it is assumed they are going forward and Atlanta can lean back and “just” avoid closing 3 goals. It is, however, just not Atlantic’s game tactics, and they will love to play conversion and versus play, just because they know that NYRB is going to score and score.

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NYRB never got their pressure game to work because Atlanta simply played outside or over them and if it happens again, the spaces between the chains will again be far too big and Atlanta’s technical players will be able to punish them again.
NYRB scored only 1 shot within the frame of the first match, and it shows very well the class difference in the two teams.
Atlantas defensive has become significantly more solid after Remedi has returned.NYRB is significantly stronger at home in New York, and it is not impossible for them to score 3 goals, but I find it hard to see that they can avoid closing goals.
Atlanta may lose the match as they have a lead of 3-0, which may mean that they finally draw in the match if the position is a draw or they are only down with a single.
NYRB has just hit Atlanta twice this year, so they have the recipe, the question is whether they can translate it.

Bet Tips: Atlanta United

Odds: 4.20

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