Coritiba vs Botafogo-SP Free Betting Tips 30.07.2019


Owner of the best visitor campaign of the 2019 season of the Brazilian Serie B Championship, Botafogo-SP tries to find his way back to the G4 on Monday, July 29, in the confrontation with Coritiba. The match opens the schedule of the thirteenth matchday of the Second Division of Brasileirão, which as the previous two was divided into two dates. It will be complemented on Tuesday, July 30, within the process of accelerating the Segundona calendar. The meeting will take place at the Couto Pereira stadium in Coritiba. The kick-off is scheduled for 8pm (Brasília time).
The Second Division of Brasileirão has the same rules of the elite division of the tournament. The 20 clubs play 38 round-trip rounds. At the end of the contest, the first four go up to Serie A. The last four go down to Serie C. The champion has as a ‘bonus’ the right to enter directly into the round of 16 of the 2020 World Cup by ‘skipping’ the first four. stages of competition.


The Coxa had a local duel in the previous round and managed to escape defeat in Ponta Grossa after having been disadvantaged with Operário-PR. He was again saved by striker Rodrigão, who secured a 1-1 draw after scoring in the 26th minute of the final stage, his 17th goal in 21 matches in the 2019 season wearing the club shirt.Reaching the 19-point level (five wins, four draws and three losses), he finished the round in ninth position, giving him a chance to get a G4 seat, albeit temporarily, with a win on Monday. The difference for Atletico-GO and Sport, respectively third and fourth placed, is only two points.The campaign as owner of the house of alviverde already puts the team in this block. When considering only the results that teams can achieve in their domains, Coritiba presents the third best performance 2019 Series B Brasileirão. Of the 18 points he played in Couto Pereira, he placed 13 on the scoreboard (four wins, one draw and one loss), scoring ten goals and conceding five.Goalkeeper Wilson and midfielder Rafinha, still in the process of recovering from injury, will be out of the team. Luiz Henrique, with shoulder pain, increased the list of embezzlement for Monday’s match. Coritiba’s likely squad for the match is Alex Muralha; Felipe Mattioni, Walisson Maia and Sabino and William Matheus; Matheus Sales, Giovanni and Thiago Lopes; Juan Alano, Robson and Rodrigão.


If playing at home has been a determining factor boosting Coritiba’s campaign, for Botafogo-SP it has been a nightmare. Also on Friday, July 26, the Ribeirão Preto team suffered their second straight loss as home team. He took 2-0 from CRB at the Santa Cruz stadium and thus left the G4 again. He dropped to fifth place in the ranking table of the Second Division Brazilian Championship when he was stationed at 20 points (six wins, two draws and four losses).What has sustained the tricolor in the top platoon is precisely its performance as a visitor, the best of Segundona. Of the 18 points that the Sao Paulo countryside played in column two, he returned home with 13 (four wins, one draw and one defeat). He scored seven goals and conceded three.For the meeting on Monday, coach Roberto Cavalo for the first time in the tournament will not be able to count on the midfielder Marlon Freitas. Having played in all 12 club matches so far, he will have to be suspended for the accumulation of yellow cards. Pablo, Willian Oliveira and Jonata are the candidates to get the job.

Football Prediction of the Day Coritiba vs Botafogo-SP

Although Botafogo-SP’s performance outside its domains is excellent, Coritiba has shown recent evolution in its game pattern and having the possibility of having the support of their fans makes prognosis in their victory is the best option of guess for Monday’s clash for the thirteenth round of the Serie B Brazilian Championship in its 2019 edition.

Odds: 1.90



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