Wer wird MotoGP Weltmeister 2020? Wettquoten & Favoriten


Corona virus prevents the planned start of the season!

At the beginning of the MotoGP season 2020, the view of the favorites has become secondary.
The spreading corona virus also holds the top classes of motorsport in hand.
After the early cancellation of the China GP and the still open start in Australia, the Formula 1 season 2020 threatens to start much later.
The start for MotoGP looks even more difficult. Shortly before the planned start of the season, the opening race in Qatar had to be canceled.
The second race – the Thai Grand Prix – cannot take place as planned. However, the race weekend should be rescheduled in October.
So the drivers will probably only be sent into their first race on April 5th, 2020.

⚪️MotoGP World Champion title – best betting odds

🔺Spain: Marc Marquez 1.60
🔺France: Fabio Quartarar 4.50
🔺Spain: Maverick Vinales 4.50
🔺Italy: Andrea Dovizioso 10.00
🔺Spain: Alex Rins 12.00
🔺Italy: Valentino Rossi 21.00

Despite the late start to the season, the pilots are already hot for the title fight. Marc Marquez, who is the six-time MotoGP winner, is the big defending champion. With another brilliant season including twelve victories and a point rating beyond 400 points, Marquez set new records last summer.
Neither Yamaha, Ducati, nor his teammate from Honda were competitive last year. They all had to face another setback and can only hope that the gap to Marquez will close this summer.
But Marc Marquez remains the big favorite for the new MotoGP World Championship 2020 according to betting odds.

A look at the previous test days from Qatar shows that the title holder has not really made friends with his new Honda.
Will Marquez solve his problems in the coming weeks and dominate MotoGP in its previous form?
Or may the Spaniard have to admit defeat this summer?
Betting base provides answers and gives a prediction of which bets are available before the 2020 MotoGP season.

⚪️MotoGP season 2020: the most important changes

There are only minor changes for this year’s World Cup.
One of the most pleasing innovations for drivers is the imposition of two long-lap penalties instead of the previous drive-through penalty at an early start.
The drive-through penalty has long been considered to be a severely punished punishment and was therefore replaced by the extra loops, which resulted in a shorter loss of time.

⚪️The changes of the MotoGP season 2020 at a glance

▪️2 Long-Lap-Penaltys bei Frühstarts.
▪️Aero-Bodys müssen aus einem Guss sein.
▪️Erstmals sind 20 Saisonrennen geplant.
▪️Zahlreiche Fahrerwechsel (Alex Marquez).

Another change has been made to the technical regulations. As of this year, the aero bodysuits must be made from one piece.
After Ducati took advantage of an open swing arm last summer and there were weeks of controversy, those responsible set the new rules for the starting season.
Does Hamilton catch up with Schumacher?
The MotoGP celebrates a record with 20 races of the season
The new Grand Prix of Finland will further inflate the MotoGP season. This year, the pilots have to compare themselves on twenty different routes.
There are also several changes among the drivers. The notable newcomer is Alex Marquez. The younger offspring of the Marquez family moves up to the premier class after his Moto2 title and replaces the former world champion Jorge Lorenzo at Repsol Honda.
The two Marquez brothers are the first brother duo of a MotoGP team this season. There are other changes at KTM, where Brad Binder succeeds Johann Zarco. Zarco himself changes to Avintia Racing and throws Karel Abraham out of MotoGP.

⚪️MotoGP 2020 – test drives & first impressions

The pilots and fans found initial insights during the test drives in Qatar. In the desert state this year, too, showed that there are numerous co-favorites for the MotoGP world title, at least before the season starts.
The times of the Top15 were extremely close in all three test days. None of the drivers or teams escaped.
Neither Honda, Yamaha, Ducati or Suzuki was completely satisfied after the tests.
Has the deficit on Marquez clearly shrunk?

⚪️Has the deficit on Marquez clearly shrunk?

The field of title contenders will move closer together.
The young savages continue to dash forward and put the established drivers under pressure.
Among other things, Rossi was surprised and exhorted his team to work on pace until the start of the season.
Marc Marquez was equally dissatisfied. The reigning world champion had to cope with setbacks, especially on the first two test days.
He then even considered switching to his old motorcycle. However, as his times improved on the third day, he hopes for further increases and a season that is worthy of him.
Of course, Marquez knows that winning the MotoGP World Championship depends on several factors.
Above all, his driving talent will help him achieve his seventh MotoGP triumph.

⚪️MotoGP Saison mit 3 Geheimfavoriten?

Trotz der engen Zeiten stachen in Katar vor allem drei Fahrer heraus.
Unter anderem zeigte Fabio Quartararo, dass er auch in diesem Sommer wieder um Siege mitfahren wird. Ebenso fuhr Maverick Vinales an allen drei Testtagen vorne mit.
Der Yamaha-Werkfahrer hofft auf einen guten Einstand in die Saison und möchte endlich in der Entscheidung um den Titel eingreifen.
Für den Weltmeistertitel der MotoGP 2020 sind die Wettquoten auf Vinales immerhin die drittniedrigsten.
Zuletzt überraschte Alex Rins, der seine Suzuki zu Bestzeiten führte. Rins gewann im vergangenen Jahr seine ersten beiden MotoGP-Rennen und scheint an diesen Erfolgen schnell anknüpfen zu wollen.
Viele sahen in ihm den schnellsten Fahrer der Testtage, er selbst überträgt diese Rolle allerdings an Maverick Vinales und betont, dass der Spanier in der kommenden Saison der erste Verfolger sein wird.

⚪️Marquez with 12 (!) Victories in the previous year

Last year alone, Marquez secured twelve individual victories. He underpinned his supremacy in MotoGP and put stars like Vinales, Rossi or Dovizioso in their place.
The betting odds to be awarded for the 2020 MotoGP World Championship also speak for Marquez this summer.

However, Marquez cannot be treated as the sole candidate. Behind him, some top drivers are pushing for the big triumph.
They want to put pressure on Marquez and maybe even snap his crown away. Fabio Quartararo is one of the hopefuls.
At just twenty years old, he is one of the greatest talents in motorsport and will prove it in his second MotoGP World Championship.

⚪️Moto GP 2020 podium – forecast


⚪️Quartararo and Vinales as main pursuers?

In his first season, he already had six sensational pole positions.
He was also on the podium in seven races.
In the end he was denied his first MotoGP victory, but this success will probably not be long in coming either.
Vinales is also to be expected.
The Yamaha factory driver was extremely fast in the tests. He would finally like to find the connection to Marquez and play a role in the fight for the title.
Already last summer he managed to do so, but in the end his results were too inconsistent.
For this year, however, the experts see significant improvements with which he wants to beat his competitors around Marquez.
At the MotoGP World Cup 2020 bets at higher betting odds for a podium placement for Quartararo and Vinales are certainly interesting.
Maybe also direct winning tips.

⚪️Forecast & betting base trend – who will win the MotoGP 2020 World Championship?

This year, bookmaker Marc Marquez remains the clear MotoGP season favorite.
After four World Cup titles in series, it is clearly traded with the betting providers ahead of Quartararo and Vinales.
However, he is not quite as clear in the betting base eyes.
Marquez was not quite as strong in the tests, so it is quite conceivable that there will be a new world champion this year.

Maverick Vinales and Fabio Quartararo are the most likely fresh world champions.
They were strong last summer and showed in Qatar that they will be up there again this year.
With the most popular betting providers, they have the second and third lowest betting odds for the World Championship title at MotoGP 2020.
Other favorites include Rins, Dovizioso and Rossi.
However, we estimate your chances to be somewhat weaker, which is why we would not place any bets on any of the candidates mentioned for the 2020 MotoGP World Championship.
Finally we see a three-way fight between Marquez, Vinales and Quartararo.
The final outcome in the battle for the title is difficult to predict before the start of the season, but a weakening year for Marquez remains difficult to imagine despite the disappointing test times.
We expect Marquez to appear significantly stronger at the season opener in Doha and to regain supremacy by the end of the season.
We would therefore place the betting base MotoGP 2020 World Champion bets on the betting odds of the Spaniard.


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